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Richland Bombers
Future Class of '51
Lewis & Clark School
Eighth Grade ~ Teachers: _______

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Picture provided by Jimmie Shipman

Future class of '51

BACK ROW: 1.LeslieBlackwell, 2.JerryMarzyek, 3.HenryMiller, 4.StanleyBjorkland, 5.MaryAnnWylie, 6.MaryHawes, 7.SherryBurlingame~OR~ShirleyBurlingham, 8.GerryOrren, 9.DoreenHallenback, 10.Teacher:_______, 11.Mr.Clarkson-Principal, 12.Teacher:_______.

MIDDLE ROW: 1.RussellBrown, 2.LorretaLiggett, 3.BonnieMurphy, 4.SoniaLarsen, 5.JoyceLiebel, 6.AnnYale, 7.BillieLouWaldrep, 8.PaulaDoctor, 9.JoyBaker, 10.ShirleyDrury, 11.JanetAnderson, 12.LynnWallace.

FRONT ROW: 1.JackFisher, 2.JamesLawrence, 3.HaroldGarrett, 4.BobbyRobinson, 5.RichardMeyers, 6.A.J.Franklin, 7.RichardHowell, 8.EddieTaylor, 9.CharlieBowls.

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See the back of this picture
Autographs on the back of the picture are:
RichardStanger, DianeCampbell, LilaMaeOlson, JimGrow, JohnnyWilliamson, MargaretBuckley, Jimmy(James?)Norris, JimmieGilson, CarolLeeHaynes, CharlieMoore, DickBoldt, NormaStratton, DorothySargent, David Hinson.

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