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Links to pages in the 1951 Columbian

Cover ~ Inside Front Cover ~ Forward
Dedication ~ Title Page

Admin Title Page
Superintendent / School Board
Principal / Vice Principal / Councelors
Faculty - Page 1 ~ Faculty - Page 2
Office Staff
Snap Shots Around School ~ Snap Shots Around School

Classes Title Page

Officers, Top 7, Advisors, Planning Committee
Senior Portraits
Allen, Anderson, Anderson, Atwater, Baker, Baker, Barnett, Barron, Bartlett, Bash, Belcher, Bell, Berger, Bewlay, Bjorkland, Black, Blackwell, Blum
Boggs, Bowls, Boyd, Bradley, Brimhall, Brown, Brown, Browning, Brusie, Buescher, Burnett, Byron, Campbell, Campbell, Carney, Clancy, Clement, Cooke
Crawford, Creighton, Culverhouse, Cutshall, Davis, Davidson, DeMills, Dewane, Doctor, Dossett, Dowis, Dreher, Drum, Drury, Duncan, Durco, Earp, Eckert
Edinger, Evans, Everett, Finch, Finch, Fisher, Flake, Foelker, Forsythe, French, Fulcher, Garrett, Garrison, Gibson, Gibson, Graham, Grant, Gray
Grebe, Green Griffin, Grow, Guest, Hackney, Hagan, Hallenbeck, Hammons, Hamrick, Hannon, Harman, Hauff, Haynes, Helgeson, Hemmings, Hickey, Hinson
Hogan, Hosteller, Howard, Howser, Huff, Hunt, Irwin, Janssen, Jernigan, Jochen, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Keenan, Kenitzer, King
Knapp, Krisher, Krisher, Lawrence, Learock, Leavitt, Lee, Lee, Leibel, Lemon, Liggett, Linares, Major, Marzyck, McBee, McCormick, McCue, McNeely
Masters, Maupin, Merkley, Meuwly, Meyer, Meyers, Miller, Miller, Mills, Murphy, Musselman, Musser, Myrick, Nelson, Nicholson, Nicholson, Norris, Olson
Orren, Osterholmm, Osterman, Osterman, Overson, Pedersen, Personett, Poe, Pollard, Pryor, Quaackenbush, Quimby, Ratsch, Rector, Redman, Richardson, Ricketts, Riggs
Riggs, Roberts, Robison, Rodeman, Rodrigues, Rogers, Roop, Rossi, Ryel, Sargent, Saunders, Schell, Schmidt, Sebade, Shane, Shannon, Shae, Shipman
Smith, Smith, Solomon, Sorick, Stanger, Stevens, Stewart, Stoddard, Stocker, Stone, Stratton, Strode, Strom, Struck, Swearingen, Taylor, Taylor, Teague
Tracy, Ungefug, Wagner, Waining, Wakeford, Waldrep, Weasner, Weichel, West, White, Wilkins, Williams, Williams, Willoughby, Wilson, Winchester, Wingfield, Winslow
Asher, Harbison, Yale, Yost, Young ~~ CAMERA SHY: Borg, Canfield, Dean, Drotts, Forman, Fullenwider, Funk, Galbraith, Gilson, Hunter, Jones, Kehres, Lockwood, McAbee, McDaniels, Medley, Siegel, Woods

Class Officers and Planning Committee
Junior Portraits
A to Dunwoody ~ Carriane to Lutes ~ Lyall to Sever ~ Shouse to Smith ~ Mix of names

Class History
Class Officers and 3 Group Pictures
3 Group Pictures ~ 3 Group Pictures
2 Group Pictures and Teacher of the Year

School Life Title Page
GIRLS' LEAGUE: Officers, Central Council, Senior Counselors
BOYS' FEDERATION: Officers / Home Room Representatives
PEP CLUB: Officers / Group Picture
LETTERMEN: Officers / Group Picture
Columbian ~ Sandstorm
Music Department
Thespian Productions
HOMECOMING: Page 1 ~ Page 2 ~ Page 3
1950-51 Musical Snap Shots
Jr. Prom King and Queen
School Dances
Cheer Leaders / Majorettes
CLUBS: NHS, Debate, Key, Tri-Hi-Y, Thespians
Future Homemakers
Commercial Club / Retailers Club & snap shots
ASB Officers / Student Council
Pictures around School
Calendar Capers
TOLO: Royalty ~ Dance

Sports Title Page

Team Picture, "Powerful Bomber Eleven" and stats
Coaches, Narrative, Action Shot
YVIAA Co-Champs - Individual Pictures ~ Action Shots

YVIAA Champions, Narrative, Stats
Individual Pictures
Action shots

J.V. Football / J.V. Basketball

Baseball Individual Shots
Baseball Team Picture / Track Team Picture
Track Individual Shots
Girls' Tennis / Boys' Tennis / Boxing
G.A.A.: Officers, Sports Leaders, Council
Hi-Y, Projection Crew, Future Farmers

Thank You List
1 ~ 2 ~ 3 ~ 4 ~ 5 ~ 6 ~ 7 ~ 8 ~ 9

Bomber Bar

ALL Bomber Alumni Links

ALUMNI Sandstorm           THE SANDBOX

Bomber Bar


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